The Sustainable fresh air solution for Houses & Apartments

Introducing - Fenix -

Fenix is a new unit from Enervent specifically designed for apartment developments. This high efficiency unit is very economically priced, quiet and easy to install.

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Significantly reduce heating bills - Keep the Heat in Your Home.

Eliminate Wall & Window vents

Provide fresh, clean filtered air for your family, while removing stale air and radon - without wasting your heat.

Reduce Allergens & VOCs in the Air

Stop dampness & mould growth

Reduce Radon


Ventilate right, Insulate tight!

With modern houses being highly insulated and draught proofed, it is essential to ensure that the costly heat in the house is kept inside. In many houses the heat is allowed to leak out through trickle vents, wall vents, etc, without the heat being captured and reused in the house.
Simply making the house airtight is not an acceptable solution. This leads to a very unhealthy indoor climate, with possible high levels of radon, allergens, moisture and carbon dioxide.
By using a ventilation energy recovery unit from Enervent, we can help you ensure that your house is warm, safe, energy efficient and comfortable for you and your family. Our system will remove stale dirty air, and replace it with fresh, clean, filtered air, while recovering the valuable heat from the outgoing air and efficiently transferring it to the incoming air

  1. Advanced control system

  2. Chimney switch to ensure proper operation of open fires

  3. Moisture control to eliminate mould growth

  4. Pollen and allergen filters

  5. Attic or exposed installation (utility room etc)

  6. Wide range of sizes and accessories

Fresh filtered air is supplied to living rooms and bedrooms, while stale air is extracted from bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchen.

Easy installation
  • Extract from the toilets, bathroom and utility room.

  • Install a thermal wheel energy recovery unit in the attic space or utility room

  • Take fresh air through a pipe or duct from outside the house, to the energy recovery unit, and connect a 4" (100mm) duct to supply fresh, clean, warm air to each bedroom.


Commercial & Industrial Ventilation
To view details on the full range of commercial and industrial ventilation solutions, visit

Resellers and Installers Required.

Enervent are currently looking for regional resellers and competent installers to add to our approved installer list. For more information, please contact either by email or phone.


LTR unit recovering heat with thermal wheel

LTR-3 LTR-6 LTR-7 Pingvin Pelican Pegasos

(up to 2500 sq ft)
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(up to 5000 sq ft)
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(up to 6750 sq ft)
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(up to 2100 sq ft)
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(up to 4500 sq ft)
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(up to 6100 sq ft)
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