Ventilation unit with heat recovery


The Enervent company, known for its ventilation units with rotating heat exchangers, introduce our new ventilation unit with cross-flow (or “plate”) heat exchanger to the market. To address demands for a high-quality, value for money ventilation unit suitable for high-rise buildings, apartments and terraced houses, we created Fenix.

The origins of the Fenix can be found in the Enervent Pro-series, where ventilation heat recovery units with plate heat exchangers have been manufactured for years.This gained experience is now applied to the Enervent Family range of home ventilation units. The elegant looks and high quality distinguish the Fenix unit as made by Enervent.

Three sizes

The Fenix unit is manufactured in three sizes: Fenix 60 with 105 W fans, Fenix 85 with 130 W fans and Fenix 120 with 185 W fans.


The unit is installed in a warm (over +5°C) space on the wall or in the ceiling. A mounting plate for ceiling installation is also available. The unit is equipped with a cross-?ow plate heat exchanger, summer/winter (or “bypass”) damper, 1000 W electrical boost heater and EU5 bag flter


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Dimensions & Weights
Duct size Ø 160 mm
Depth 460 mm
Width 595 mm
Height 467.5 mm
Weight 45 kg
Heat exchanger
Cross-flow heat exchanger
Heat recovery by-pass
Summer/winter by-pass damper
Built-in 1000 W electrical heate r
Fan Power
Fans 105 W / 130 W / 185 W Current 230 V / 50 HZ 1~
10 A quick
Supply air: EU5 plain filter
Exhaust air: EU5 plain filter
Enervent Fenix

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